Destiny + Jakeb - Summertime Charming Engagement Session

Warning: If you’re the type to get a little irked at couples that are just too perfect, you might want to head on back to the homescreen. Still here? Okay, you had your warning so here goes. I’ve always admired Destiny for being someone that’s genuine, kind, and true to herself! She shared a story with me that’s probably one of my favorites now. She had ventured into the Sprint store for some reason and that’s when she laid eyes on Jake. She started telling people that she had a “Sprint Husband” – here we are a few years later and he’s about to be her OFFICIAL HUSBAND! I’ve known Destiny for a long time, and known of Jake for just a short while – but after just spending a little over an hour with them together during their engagement shoot I can see how they complement one another in every little way possible. The warmth + love that radiates from each tiny interaction of theirs is incredible. You two are going to have a lifetime of happiness and I can’t wait to capture the first day of your forever.