Kyle + Allie - Intimate Wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana

Words won’t ever do this day justice – but I’ll give it a shot anyways. Kyle is one of my longest standing buds, we go way back! I don’t know if he remembers our friendship starting this way, but where I pinpoint it is sixth grade. My dad had bought one of those fancy label makers the summer before + I found any excuse to have to use it. So naturally I labeled every scholastic item I owned with my initials, KLE before entering sixth grade. Turns out everyone’s brain played that funny trick on them where they assumed they were reading something different just by glancing and the start and end of the short marking. Kyle ended up with all my lost items that were marked KLE, and him being the great guy he is, he figured out that they were actually my runaway supplies. 

Some years later, Kyle found a soul that was equally sweet and sincere as his own. Allie is a total babe + bundle of kindness. He found the total package. Just a few moments around these two and you just know that they’re a pair that’s written in the stars. I’m so happy to be able to call them both forever friends. Now – let’s talk about the big day!

I arrived to the lovely Indianapolis Westin and was escorted to a special suite with a perfect view of our home city. Allie was there getting ready with her sisters (SILs totally count!). We had planned to meet Kyle just about a block over at a courtyard for their first look, but as weather would have it, we ended up opting for a beautiful (covered) glass walkway. Things have a funny way of working out I’d say, the shots from the walkway ended up being some of my personal favorites. It was interesting to see the way the reflections played with the water droplets laid against the glass panes.

Kyle + Allison’s ceremony was held just a quick car ride away at The Columns in Greenwood, Indiana. The reception was also continued in this cozy space where the couple and their closest loved ones danced the night away. Be sure to check out their two boys’ sweet moves! Congratulations to these newlyweds - can’t wait to follow your journey!