Let’s allow the day to unfold. We can take deep breaths + watch as it blossoms into a day worth revisiting for generations to come.


– These Moments Are Yours –

[ and boy do they matter ]



What makes a photograph?

NOUN — pho·to·graph | \ ˈfō-tə-ˌgraf
A photograph is meant to be evidence of this life that is breathtakingly sensational. It’s meant to tell your narrative. It should be left uncontaminated and as a pure representation of that exact memory in time.


– Hi-Ya! I’m Loreal –

[ professional moment collector ]


I am a documenter of the real. Searcher of the truth. Reminder of the small meaningful moments.


Midwest lady based here in Indianapolis, Indiana. Weddings + Creative Documentary Photography is my game.

If you’re on the hunt for an honest representation of your celebration of love – we might be a good fit! I’m here for the big kiss just as much as I am for dad’s first glimpse, teary eyes being blotted, + your closest friends turning the night into the next day glued to your side! (And of course all the in-betweens!) I work closely with you to capture these fleeting interactions so that we are able to create heirlooms for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Stylistically you’ll find my work to be storytelling, moody, bold, + sprinkled with just the right amount of weird. Timeless evidence of your heart racing love story is waiting for us just around the corner – I can feel it!



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Sharing all the moments. My hope is that these photos have made their way onto your wall - but their second home can be over on my feeds. Come tag along + let me know what you enjoy seeing shared.

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