The Nitty-Gritty

What is included in my session?

⤷ Your package is meant to be inclusive, intimate, and an honest representation of you! Your session covers up to an hour (unless specified otherwise) of us spending time alongside one another documenting your current season of life. If we need longer, we can definitely discuss!

How many images will I receive?

⤷ This one can be tricky because there are a lot of moving parts to what makes up our shoot + its final product. Cooperation is a big element. The more of that I receive, the more quality images I will have to deliver. I deliver all images that reach my level of expectations/standards of what makes a fit image. Keep in mind: I love the bloopers, the blurred, the in-betweens. You’ll be receiving all that goodness. If you’re a numbers person then feel free to reach out and I will update you with an average number to be expected.

Why did your pricing/way of charging change?

⤷ If this is a question you have – first off, thank you! This means you’ve been around for quite some time if you recall my old pricing methods. I used to charge a session fee + then charge per image. I no longer do this for a number of reasons. Largely, this has been changed because it was making my heart ache thinking about all the images that would go unselected. I feel that every photo that reaches my standards/expectations of what makes a great image should be entered into your hearts + home. These are memories that I no longer could bear to watch be left to digitally rot on my hard drives. Also, believe it or not you are getting more for your money this way! It’s a better value for you, eliminates unnecessary wear on my equipment, and allows me to really focus on curating quality experiences. I appreciate your continued business and I’m sure you’ll see the benefits of this updated process.

Do you offer discounts?

⤷ On occasion I will throw out some sweet deals - so be sure to sign up for my e-letter + follow my social media profiles.


Tying The Knot

Do you help at all with the planning?

⤷ Of course - I am happy to help where needed. I feel like as a photographer we wear many hats on the days leading up to (and the day of) your big celebration. That being said - I will not step on the toes of a hired planner, but if you are without one I have helped many brides + couples with the planning process. I come ready to our coffee dates with timeline templates, lists of things you might not have thought about since you’re likely doing this for the first time, and plenty of insight from the various weddings I’ve been able to experience.

Will we receive sneak peeks?

⤷ Absolutely! I promise you I am just as eager to get your images to you as you feel to receive them. I guarantee some sneak peeks within 48 hours of me leaving your celebration. However - don’t be surprised if some find their way to you as you’re checking in that night!

How do we secure you for our date?

⤷ Visit the Book Your Shoot link so we can start the process. I require a signed contract and a deposit to hold onto your date. If your date is nonflexible, lets get it locked down!

Will you travel?

⤷ I am happy to come to you! I am so moved + inspired by new locations so how could I ever say no? If you are within an hour of me there is no additional costs - but if you’re thinking even further outside the box, get in contact and we can discuss the travel fees that may be associated.

Do you provide partial day coverage?

⤷ If you’ve already hopped over to check out my wedding package options and you feel that none of the three quite make sense for you, please reach out with details on the type of coverage you’re searching for + we will see if we’re able to create a custom package for your day.