W H O   I   AM
Hello + thank you for swinging by! The name is Loreal and I’m an Indianapolis photographer that values being a part of any/all of your life milestones. If it’s important to you; it’s equally important to me that it be captured. My focus lies in the world of creative portraiture, couples, and weddings BUT I aim to create a lifetime of friendship with my clients. We can kickstart that relationship right now by me sharing some facts about myself. I desire to contribute as much warmth + happiness as I can into day to day life for myself/all those around me. I have two doggos that have captured my heart – Java the Greyhound and Danger the Miniature (yet fierce) Dachshund. I’ve been in love with John Travolta since the moment my Mamaw aired Grease across my television circa 1997. My ears, heart, and taste buds are always open to a coffee date if you’d like to chat further!

W H A T   I   D O
It is my responsibility and desire to capture your special occasions in a way that you’ll always be able to look back on and instantly be taken to that exact moment in time. With said trip – the emotions will accompany. By teaming up with me to commemorate these life events, the fleeting moments become yours to keep for forever. I am here to help you enjoy your life happenings to the fullest by allowing yourself to relax and trust that you can live in the moment without sacrificing the ability to recollect all the fine details, overflowing emotions, and genuine reactions. I aim to seize these times in a matchless way that tells your story in its truest form.


B E H I N D   T H E   B R A N D
Much like the nostalgia I hope flows in abundance when the day comes that you might find yourself dusting off old photo albums we created together, I wanted that same sensitivity to be present in my brand. For me that meant marrying two entities of my childhood that resonate the strongest with kind, sentimental, fond remembrances. This is why you’ll notice the makeup of LorealMade is imagery of lightning bugs and lilacs in union. This combination may feel odd, but for me it made perfect sense. To keep things short; I have warm memories of catching those little glowbugs with my mother and brother and I’ve always loved the smell of lilacs which is something I share with my father (for both of us I now realize it stems from the fact my grandmother always had those growing most prominently in her garden). These are simple relics from my life, but isn’t that what we relish in the most?


It’s true that the whirlwinds of weddings keep me busy, but a large portion of my heart still belongs to getting weird and being an encouragement to other creatives. I am always open to concepts and collaborations of all sorts. Keeping a special place for these helps me remain motivated, inspired, and moved by the people around me. I know so much of the success behind my journey has come from countless shoots for trade and for the greater good! We learn by doing. We learn from each other. I’ve always said why hold back the education, reinforcement, and knowledge you have to offer other growing artists?! I would love to hear from you if you feel we might be a noble fit for one another – whether it’s a personal project of your own, a desire for a mentorship, or perhaps you’re just searching for a companion in this thrilling entrepreneur world. I know I’ve slid into thousands of DMs, so no judgment here.

W H A T   T O   E X P E C T   F R O M   M E
I try my best to become a part of your day/journey in a way that is non-disruptive and every bit of supportive. My eye leans towards an editorial + moody style with a documentary type tactic. I am here to represent your love, celebration, and life chapters in a true + genuine form. I approach these times with the understanding that what I am captivating is what you will have left to cherish as time moves forward. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “honesty is key” and I believe that to ring all the more true when it comes to photography.

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