Who are they for?

Families, Seniors, Couples, Pet Enthusiasts, Friends, Loved Ones . . . You!


What will it include?

By reserving your spot in the fall minis you will be granted a twenty minute slot for you + your loved ones to be captured. You will then receive all final high resolution images digitally via an online gallery.


Is twenty minutes really going to be enough time?

Okay, I hear you - and I understand your concern. This might be our first time working together so you may be skeptical and a bit uneasy about being able to really make some magic during a window that seems so short. This is where I have to ask you to go out on a limb and trust me. I’ve been doing this for some time now + I am more than confident about the type of work we can strum up in those precious moments. But if you’re like me, you like to see the facts, so click below for some full galleries from past mini sessions.

01 / 02 / 03

Yep, all done in twenty minutes my friend.


Let’s talk investment…

So here’s where we talk numbers. What’s this going to cost you? I am charging a flat $100 rate - and I know that a benjamin can sound hefty but hopefully you’ve taken the time to look through the galleries I linked above + you now are feeling confident that this is going to be worth it. You will be documenting a time in your life that is so quickly fleeting. These images will be what takes you back to this season of your ever-changing life. It is an honor to help you document such fragile, precious, thrilling connections you have with the people you love most.


— upcoming 2019 locations —

[ Indianapolis, Indiana — October 19th ]
Timeslots Available:
9AM - 9:30AM - 10AM - 10:30AM - 11AM
3PM - 3:30PM - 4PM -  4:30PM - 5PM - 5:30PM - 6PM - 6:30PM - 7PM - 7:30PM

[ Gainesville, Florida — November 2nd ]
Timeslots Available:
8AM - 8:30AM - 9AM - 9:30AM - 10AM - 10:30AM
2PM - 2:30PM - 3PM - 3:30PM - 4PM -  4:30PM - 5PM - 5:30PM - 6PM

I’m certain you’re going to love these…

If you secure your spot before October 1st you will receive a $20 off discount. These are first come first serve, with limited availability, so act now! I am so looking forward to meeting you + to help tell your story - because it matters greatly!