Chasing what’s real.
Chasing what’s you.

You + your special someone are unparalleled – so you deserve to be documented in an equally matchless way. I set out to capture you being your perfectly tangled-up-in-love selves.



Hi-ya! Midwest lady based here in Indianapolis, Indiana. Weddings + Creative Portraiture Photography is my game. I am a documenter of the real. Searcher of the truth. Reminder of the small meaningful moments.

If you’re on the hunt for an honest representation of your celebration of love – we might be a good fit! I’m here for the big kiss just as much as I am for dad’s first glimpse, teary eyes being blotted, + your closest friends turning the night into the next day glued to your side! (And of course all the in-betweens!) I work closely with you to capture these fleeting interactions so that we are able to create heirlooms for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Stylistically you’ll find my work to be storytelling, moody, bold, + sprinkled with just the right amount of weird. Timeless evidence of your heart racing love story is waiting for us just around the corner – I can feel it!


Let’s allow the day to unfold. We can take deep breaths + watch it blossom into a day worth revisiting for generations to come.


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Wow – so you’ve made it all the way down here. I appreciate you taking the time to come check out my work. If you’ve stuck around this long it seems to be fate! So go ahead + reach out so we can take the next step towards creating art that is specific to your experience. I would be honored to witness whatever it is that you would like documented. Your families matter. Your wedding day matters. Your accomplishments matter. If it matters to you, it matters to me. What do you say? Let’s make something beautiful and share some laughs in between. In the meantime check out my recent works in further detail, here.