Have you thought about turning a blind-eye towards the “norms” of the wedding industry? Perhaps do something outside of the expected? I’m all about that decision + support you all the way! Whatever is meaningful to you is important to me – so if you’re wanting to go get hitched along your favorite hiking trail, maybe have a small ceremony in a space you first met, or maybe it’s running off to a bucket-list location of you + your partners… Well I have three words, TAKE ME WITH!

I have a cozy package that may be a perfect fit if you’re doing something close-knit + intimate locally. I would love to hear about your idea to create the perfect nuptial for two! I fall for the weirder + unexpected things in life.

Also, if you’re considering tying the knot outside of the Hoosier state/your home state please shoot me a description of what your dream entails. I have set a personal goal to venture more + do what I love simultaneously. (And that’s where you come in friends!) For the year of 2019/2020 I am accepting a limited amount of elopements at no additional travel costs. That’s right – you read that correctly! Share your story + plans with me; and if we make a good fit I’ll shoot your wedding at no extra travel costs.

So let’s chat about how our hearts are gonna skip beats on our upcoming adventure!


Current 2019 Travel Dates:

June - Greece (Athens, Santorini, + Mykonos)
August - Colorado (Estes Park)
September - Florida (Orlando)
October - North Carolina (Beaufort)

[Click Here for Dream Locations of Mine]