Tyler + Danielle - Reminiscent Engagement Stroll through Bloomington


Tonight felt like I took a stroll straight through Tyler + Danielle’s beginnings – and in a way I suppose I did. They took me to the place where they first met, the spot they shared their first drinks, and the restaurant where they had their first official date. I love when a couple wants to bring sentiments into their session. Bloomington always has beauty to offer, but this time it held an even deeper splendor.

I could wander the streets of downtown Bloomington for hours, especially on a nice summer evening like we were blessed with today. Right as we were wrapping up our engagement session the sun decided to make a guest appearance which allowed some enchantment to unfold. Be sure to scroll all the way down to get a glimpse into the shots that seem to perfectly embody the warmth + joy radiating from these two!

Looking forward to their wedding this winter – I just know it’s going to be a cozy one.