Honey - A Spring Editorial Feature with The Photographic Journal

When the wind comes to a pure, free, golden woman, it guides her steps to dance. Glorious beams of sweet sunlight bring strength to wings that others determined would not and could not fly. She comes straight from nature, wildness eclipsed in amber eyes and lips dripping in nectar. Strange and sweet all at once, blood of honey and grace defined. The glowing beauty of a honey child.  

This series sets out to embody the textures, tastes, and feelings that accompany nature’s sweetener. Honey Child formed from personifying the glow and freshness of bees’ biggest gift to us, honey. As we follow the breeze into the autumn spell these images are meant to help us feel the oozing sensation of the bit of warmth left in the season.

Featured on: The Photographic Journal
Photography, Direction, Concept by: LorealMade
Makeup: Moriah Justin
Wardrobe Styling + Hair: Juliann Cloar
Model: Camryn w/ Lmodelz